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Workforce Housing Resource

Historically, our great cities have served as models of upward mobility, reinforcing opportunities for individuals and families to advance through hard work and self-sufficiency in pursuit of a better life. Apartments that the working class can afford have been critical to that equation, but today, they are in desperately short supply.

For our largest cities to be truly great cities, a housing pathway that accommodates a middle class workforce is essential. This web site is dedicated to offering ideas and perspectives on how to overcome the problem and to tracking the efforts of mayors, industry groups, developers and housing experts.

-Arthur Winn

This site is meant to be an educational resource as well as news hub for all things related to the topic of workforce housing and how it impacts our communities. So if this is a new subject to you, please take a look at why workforce housing matters or read more about Arthur Winn’s thoughts on workforce housing.

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